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Our journey could happen only because we were lucky enough to meet incredible people on our path.

Edmondo Perrone

Videomaker & Founder

Edmondo Perrone was born long time ago in the South of Italy.

His research is focused basically on life: his life, in the first place.

This research pass through different learning levels: at first telecommunication engeneer for 4 years, then graphic designer and artist for other 4 years as well, now web designer, camera operator, photography director for short films and enthusiastic photographer all along.

At the moment he is partner of the independent producers “La Cinemateque du Biafra”, specialized in docufilms about people and their dreams, or better still… their nightmares.
This is his first work as director of a full-lenght doc.

Marianna Zanetta


Marianna is born in Turin in a cold winter day. She obtained the Master Degree in Science of Religions with the specialization on Japanese religions. She recently obtained a PhD in Religious Anthropology and Far Eastern Studies at Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (Sorbonne) in Paris, with a research project on japanese Shamanism.

She conducted a preliminary field-work in summer 2012, and a more extensive one between November 2012 and May 2013, between Tokyo and the Tohoku region in North Japan. She is currently a visiting Scholar at Hosei Daigaku in Tokyo.


Without them this adventure could have never been possible.

Our itako: Nakamura Take and Matsuda Hiroko | Our kamisama: Kimura Fujiko and Iyo-san | Our interpreters: Yamada Aya, Akebiyama Sachiko, Sato Noriko, Mitchell Urbanowicz | Our reserchers: Hara Eiko, Matteo Cestare, Massimo Centini, Alessia Cerantola, Shayne Dahl | Our friends: Yoko and Hiroki | Our translators: Muto Tamayo, Shinozaki Toshie, Maeji Kenji